Rifle Hunting



What type of guns and how many guns should you bring?

You don’t need to run out and buy a new rifle unless you really want one.Plan on bringing a maximum of 2 sporting rifles into South Africa.  The rifle that you use for hunting any deer species and other large game will work very well here. For Plains game animals we recommend any of the following: 270, 308, 30-06, 300 Magnum, 7MM Magnum.  These calibers are used with success frequently.


Big Game and Thick Skin Animals: 

A minimum of .375 is required


How much and what type of ammunition should I bring?

The airlines restrict how much ammunition you can carry by weight.  You are allowed by South African law to bring in 200 rounds.  We don't plan on you shooting that much.  Most hunters bring 40 to 60 rounds of ammunition.  The best bullets we have seen are Premium type ammunition loaded with Barnes X, Swift A Frame or Nosler Partition bullets.  We recommend you shot a 150-180 grain bullet, whichever your rifle shoots most accurately.


What type of shooting practice should I do to get ready for my safari?

Make sure your rifle is shooting consistently and accurately with the ammunition you choose.  If it’s not, get different ammunition.  The number one rule for practicing after that is: GET OFF THE BENCH!  Go to your deer lease or find a rifle range that will allow you to practice OFF THE BENCH. Shoot from the sitting and kneeling positions.  Shoot off a tree limb or a tree trunk.  Get a good pair of shooting sticks and shoot from those.  The biggest challenge is getting your scope on the target and getting the shot off quickly.  Many trophies have gotten away because a hunter waits more than 2 to 3 seconds getting everything perfect before they shoot.  These trophies don’t get big and old by standing around looking at you aim at them.  The best way to help yourself is make sure your rifle fits well; your rifle is shooting accurately and learn to shoot very quickly after the cross hairs are in place.


Do I need to do anything special for shipping my gun?

Please enquire at a US Customs office what is required and fill in the necessary forms before you go on your trip.  The US Customs Service has offices at any large international airport.  Check your government pages in the phone book to find the phone number for your local Customs office.  DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE DAY OF YOUR DEPARTURE TO GET THIS FORM AT THE AIRPORT.  GET IT AHEAD OF TIME! 


How do I get my gun there?

You can contact PHASA to assist you in this process. Your gun should be packed in a crash resistant plastic or metal case that locks. Call your airline about details of packing guns and bullets.  


Is it difficult to get my gun into South Africa?

No, it just takes a bit of time.  Upon arrival, after passing through passport control, you will pick up your checked baggage. Proceed to your airline’s help desk in the luggage area and tell them you have a firearm as checked baggage. They should assist you in retrieving your rifle. You must then head to the South African Police Service firearm control office and register your firearm with the SAPS using SAPS Form 520.


This is a bit time consuming because it is a long form.  Once you complete the Form 520 to their satisfaction, they will issue you a temporary import permit.  Make sure you don’t lose this permit.  Remember, if you bring a firearm in, you must take it back out with you.  It is illegal to leave your firearm in South Africa.  If you book your hunt with us, we will provide you with more details on what is required.


How long will the shots be?

Most of your shots will be 200 yards or less.  It doesn't always work that way, and longer shots are taken, but typically, 200 yards or less is the normal shot.  It’s best if you know where your bullet will strike at 50, 100, 150 and 200 yards.  We work very hard to keep all shots to 100 yards or less as we don’t want to spend your valuable hunting time chasing a wounded animal through the bush.  


The most important part of shooting here is many of the shots come quickly so it’s important to be able to put your face on your rifle, look down the scope and acquire the target and shoot accurately within 3 to 5 seconds. The trophy animals here haven’t survived by standing around watching intruders in their world. They survive by fleeing and will

not stand and look at you all day.

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