About us:


Cayoti Safaris is situated in the North West Province of South Africa. The operation is owned and managed by Franco Joubert who has extensive hunting knowledge of plains game of Southern Africa. Cayoti Safaris mainly concentrates on bow hunting and has about 15000 acres of hunting concessions, making your African hunting experience one to remember.


The facilities that we provide are from the best in the business to give you that real African experience. All the people working for Cayoti Safaris are there to guide and assist you to the best of their abilities. 


The area most of the hunting will take place, is in the Marico Bushveld as it is known. This area was made famous by the legendary Herman Charles Bosman. He was known in this area as a legend, writer and story teller. I suggest you look up some of his stories to familiarize yourself with this unique piece of Africa.


The area is known for its moderate climate and the important factor that it is Malaria free. Rain normally is in summer time, so do not worry about raincoats in winter. The hunting area is located within a 3 hour drive from Johannesburg, and will take you past Pretoria, the National Capital, on the way to your hunting destination, where the arrows can fly!


Here is a map more or less where we will be hunting

Franco Joubert: +27 83 380 1890

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